Londoners go phone crazy

With over 8.674 million people now living in the capital there are an estimated 5.94 million mobile phones being used, carried and called in London every single day.

With over 93% of all adults owning their own mobile it is staggering the amount of data that is being used in any single hour.

We love our phones, 87% of people would not feel comfortable leaving their home to go any distance without it

But what happens when it all goes wrong?

We asked Londoners to list their most common problems with mobiles

78% Running out of credit
Running out of data or running out of credit is a frustration an average of 69% of pay as you go customers of Vodafone and O2 suffer from on a weekly basis. Even though you can top up virtually anywhere in the world it is a pain. Click here for the most common complaints Vodafone have published as the bug bear for their clients.

47% Losing or having your phone stolen
In London an average of 1997 mobiles are stolen. The Daily Mail estimates the number as even higher. See: Let’s face you have a one in 7 chance of your phone being stolen in any one year in the capital.

33% Broken screen or failed battery
Worse than having your phone stolen is it breaking down. It is estimated that over 1 in 3 people experience a fault with their phone within the first three years of ownership. If it is not an accident like a smashed screen then it is a software error or a battery that won’t charge. It is hell and warranties often do not cover the issue in time.

With the brand new Samsung S9, there is no need to worry about failed battery life as Samsung has revealed that this battery is bigger and holds more capacity than any other previous model.

In addition to this, the Samsung S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are said to have wireless charging! However, we will only truly find out on the day of release which is Friday 16th March 2018. For more information about what accessories you can purchase for this device, take a look at this post.

What do competitors say?

We spoke to Apple. They reiterate that they are not going to extend their warranty beyond 2 years anytime in the near future. See:

So what do you do when your life depends and revolves around your phone. There is help at hand. A clever company called Square Repair is now repairing Londoners mobiles in under an hour. There is a drop off service in central locations like Liverpool St Station. You can drop your device off in the morning for a screen repair and collect it either in 20 minutes (with an express repair) or in an hour. See: