Communities are vital

Communities are vital, in rural areas as well as in major cosmopolitan cities. We live with each other and are all just trying to make our own way, However, some of us are not able to do this alone, and some of us have no-one to turn to for help. For groups such as the elderly, the disabled, the disadvantaged, and in sectors such as conservation and social work, volunteering makes existence possible. And for the volunteers themselves, the work they do often makes their own existence seem that much more valuable.

Make a difference to the world around you, to your local community, by signing up for some voluntary work. Not only will you be making your immediate environment a better place, you will also be getting out, meeting people, and making new friends, friends who truly value you, because they know you are there because you want to be there, not because you have to be there; they know that you are there because you care. Volunteering in your local community is a way of standing up and being counted, of saying “I care” about your local area, about the people in it, and ultimately, about yourself, too.

So whether you can spare a few hours at the weekend, a few evenings during the week, or are able to commit to even more than that, don’t hesitate, become a volunteer today.