Benefits of social media, blogging and SEO

There are many brands and corporations who understand the benefits that social media has to offer, but there are those who are still unaware of the potential benefits of online and visual marketing. We understand it’s not for everyone – but to convince you a little we have compiled a list of the top reasons we think social media can help your business.


Social media opens up a line of communication between your business, existing customers and potential new customers, and once this line is open you can build close relationships with your customer base, and become as personable or professional as you want; as long as the communication is there you can start to build consumer trust.

Building this trust creates an emotional resonance in your customers’ minds who select products based on emotion as well as a practical choice. Social media also gives you access to millions of potential customers that you may struggle to attract offline. Your business can be readily available to customers from around the world (if that is your goal); you are able to hold personal conversations with each of your customers, encouraging trust, engagement and feedback. Digital marketing is often much cheaper than traditional marketing and advertising and can offer you a wider scope. However, it will cost you time.

Depending on how much your time is worth, it might be worth hiring someone to help with the social media marketing, as content needs to be regularly updated and customer engagement needs to be maintained.

2. SEO and Blogging

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which in layman’s terms translates to showing up on the first page of google – no easy feat!

Social media can help to improve where you appear in search engines because of links that are generated and associated with your business. So if you want to publicise your message and brand through blog posting, social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can help create a content journey that can draw potential clients into your website.

Every time your website page or blog post is linked from a different website, they are sending what is called ‘backlinks’ to you – essentially they tell Google that your blog is worth a mention. Because so many social media sites are highly ranked on google, these backlinks are prioritised and show higher up. SEO in social media also provides another way for potential customers to find you; If you’re not high enough in the search engine ranking for customers to find you with organic search, they can still find you through social media. Just because you’re not on the front page of Google, it doesn’t mean you can’t receive traffic, social media has the potential to generate a lot of traffic when conducted properly.

3. Reputation Management

Social media is often where a lot of customers post their feedback and opinions on businesses, both positive or negative.

If your business is on social media and it’s being used effectively, you can be made aware of the feedback your business is receiving and manage responses appropriately. Social media also allows you to combat any negative feedback almost immediately and can be very effective as it provides a platform to explain and amend issues.

4. Customers

Social media can allow businesses to find out what their customers want and their opinions on existing and future ideas by directly asking for feedback or by waiting for independent reviews. Peer recommendation is becoming the most effective form of promotion and this is largely due to the nature of social media. 10 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business.

If a customer hears or sees a recommendation about your product from someone they know, the chances of them also making a purchase are significantly higher.

Customers value businesses that engage with them on a personal level, whether that is by answering their questions or acknowledging their feedback, by your business engaging with the customer in a positive encouraging way, you are creating brand advocates.